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Our technicians and engineers have many years experience on networking, both of setup and support. We can design and install a new network for your new or growing company. Our planning will fulfill your needs for the next several years. We also do maintenance on your existing networks, such as server setup, configuration, troubleshooting and repair, network cabling, e-mail server setup and maintenance, and internet connections. Our consultants will analyze your existing network and requirements to develop a proposal for you. We not only have rich experience, our professionals also receive training at all time to update their knowledge on new technologies. When we set up a network for our client, we always consider network security and high availability at first priority. We implement tier security network to protect our clients' valuable assets with many features, such as firewall, VPN, and IPSec, especially on a wireless network. We will implement the features such SSID, WPA2, access control, and VPN to make our clients' network as secured as wire network. Other than network security, providing high availability and optimum performance systems is also a critical design step for us to our clients. We always recommend load balance and cluster systems to fit our clients' needs. If you have any questions on networking, please give us a call today.

Major Services Provided to Organizations and Individuals:
Set up file server and email server.
Implement new network, including cabling.
Troubleshoot, repair, and maintain existing networks.
Boardband Internet access setup for multicomputers.
Wireless network setup.
Analyze and implement network security.
Applications implementation.
Cloud backup solutions.

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